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Toning Floral Water with Rose
Herbal Salvation

Toning Floral Water with Rose

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Toning Floral Water Made of Rose

Rose is an ancient well known beautifying remedy. Tonifying, yet mild for sensitive skin. Rose Floral Water distilled from Rosa Damascena is also soothing and cooling. Contains a light, refreshing fragrance. Rose Water also has astringent properties that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

100% Organic, 100 ml

Directions: May be applied on face, hair, and can be used as a balancing spray all over the body. Rose Floral Water can also be used to remove excess cleanser and impurities. After applying on face or body, add your favourite salve while skin is still moist. You may also use this hydrosol as a room refreshener or to hydrate while airtravelling.

Ingredients: Rosa Damascena (Rose) distillate (certified organic).


About the company:

Herbal Salvation prefers wildcrafted ingredients, of course sustainably and ethically gathered. If an ingredient cannot be obtained in Wildcraft quality, it will always be organic. Whenever possible Herbal Salvation will always use fair trade certified ingredients when using more exotic ingredients such as cocoa butter, etc.

Herbal Salvation was founded more than 10 years ago, when Ria made her first salves from herbs she gathered. This is the foundation for the Wildcraft Series, that is based on danish herbs that Ria gather by hand in Denmark. This series is therefore seasonal and only made in limited amounts. Each salve is made from a single herb, and is named with its danish herbal name.

All ingredients will always, besides being wildcrafted or organic, be 100% natural, unrefined and never deodorised. Therefore you might discover minor differences in e.g. colour or scent from batch to batch. We produce small batches only, 100 % handcrafted in Copenhagen, Denmark.



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