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Sustainable Hair Candy solid conditioner bar with argan oil and shea butter

Solid Conditioner Bar - Hair Candy

Regular price 120,00 kr

Nourishing solid hair conditioner with argan oil and shea butter. Easy to use. Just wet bar, lather and apply to hair. Rinse and feel shiny, silky hair while being kind to the planet. Two sides to help you. The top provides extra conditioning for naturally drier ends, while the bottom gives lighter treatment to the roots of your hair.


  • Sustainable solid conditioner bar
  • Water-free production
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Concentrated formula lasts as long as several bottles of liquid conditioner
  • Easy to use

About the Company:

SOLIDU is a sustainable solid cosmetics company based in Lithuania. Using only high quality concentrated active ingredients and no water, SOLIDU body care bars come without any plastic packaging. Full of only good things your hair and skin need like natural, botanical oils. Easy to use, good for the planet.

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