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Natural ingredients chewing-gum

Natural ingredients chewing-gum

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Welcome to an industry rethink on chewing gum and a sneak-peak behind
the scenes.
Less is more. Nothing unnecessary goes into their natural gum.
Four ingredients is all it takes. 100% natural and no plastics. Most gum today is filled with petro-chemicals (plastics, to me and you) , aspartame (an artificial sweetener), and BHA (a synthetic antioxidant). They believe gum can be better. By only using the best quality ingredients, and combining those with a plastic free ethos, you get a gum that tastes great, is 100% biodegradable and vegan friendly.

To put it simply; better ingredients and a better attitude gives you a better gum.
1. Natural chicle gum; 2. Plant based sweeteners; 3. All natural flavour; 4. Organic vegetable glycerin.

About the company:

The idea to produce an all-natural chewing gum was born during a dinner party when Peter offered Morten a chewing gum. They were both regular ‘chewers’ and chewed gum several times a day, but it struck them that none of them actually knew what was inside a chewing gum.
From a converted warehouse in central Copenhagen, the True gums are today hand-made by a small team of passionate chewing gum aficionados, who work with a non-compromising attitude to ensure top-notch quality in each individual piece of yummy gum.

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