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12 pack. Easy Felt-Tip Pens by ÖkoNorm

12 pack. Easy Felt-Tip Pens by ÖkoNorm

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Easy Felt-Tip Pens by ÖkoNorm

These pens are ideal and easy for small artists. They have bright long-life colours, ventilated safety cap, and they are not hard or pointed.


  • 2mm round point
  • Water based colours
  • Easily washed at 40°C
  • For children from 3 years


About the company

ÖkoNORM is a unique German brand, that sells eco-friendly nawaro products. Nawaro is German and short for "renewable raw materials". The products are therefore made from sustainable resources, and is environmental friendly and non-toxic. ÖkoNORM controls and values quality and the environmental impact of their products high to guarantee healthy and safe products.

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