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Organic Bamboo V-neck Women's T-shirt

Organic Bamboo V-neck Women's T-shirt

Pris 199,00 kr

V-neck t-shirt

This basic bamboo V-neck t-shirt sits tight without being too tight. It is amazing quality and fit. Made from soft lightweight fabric consisting of 95% bamboo. The t-shirt is incredibly soft and so comfortable to wear. It is ideal to wear for summer, during training or cool days cause of the anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo fibres that will ensure that the sweat from the body and the odor won’t occur.


  • Size: S-XL
  • Materials:  80% Bamboo viscose, 13% Nylon, 7% Elastan
  • Machine wash 40 degrees

About the company

The Danish Bambody is a sustainable and organic company. There was a wish for clothes and underwear that were ecologically and environmentally friendly.
The company wanted to prove that it is possible to produce organic and sustainable, while maintaining good consumer prices and a high quality of fabric. Bambody is certified FSC® which documents that labeled goods originate in forest areas that are exploited sustainably. 

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