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4-in-1 rainbow pencil - ÖkoNorm

4-in-1 rainbow pencil by ÖkoNorm

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Rainbow pencil by ÖkoNorm

Color pencils are ideal tools for children in learning different artistic techniques, such as outlining, hatching, shading etc. Intensity of the color depends on the pressure applied while drawing. The lines by color pencils are difficult to erase.


  • Do not contain harmful ingredients
  • Unvarnished wood
  • Pleasant smell of natural wood
  • Antiseptic properties.

About the company

ÖkoNORM is a unique German brand, that sells eco-friendly nawaro products. Nawaro is German and short for "renewable raw materials". The products are therefore made from sustainable resources, and is environmental friendly and non-toxic. ÖkoNORM controls and values quality and the environmental impact of their products high to guarantee healthy and safe products.

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